Current groups


Pee Bee

Large jazz ensemble co-led with Claudio Pallaro

“Artigue & Beyond” (Gary Brunton), live recording in Maisons Alfort on 01/04/2014 – alto sax solo by Didier Haboyan

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Trio piano, guitar, double bass with Laurent Guanzini and Frédéric Loiseau

“Jonquilles” (Gary Brunton) live recording in Verrières le Buisson on 24/05/2014

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Jazz into Pop

Jazz into Pop

Project with singer Sandrine Deschamps

“Tim’s Tune” (Gary Brunton) from the album Brunt’Off “French Cricket” in 2002

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2)Trio BojanZ 2013


Gary Brunton, Bojan Z, Andréa Michelutti

Hasta la victoria siempre (Gary Brunton) live recording “Place au jazz” in Antony on 24/11/2013

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