Gary Brunton

Gary Brunton
(Photo: Nathalie Courau-Roudier)

Night bus

Avec Bojan Z au piano et Simon Goubert à la batterie

We will be in concert at Sunside in Paris on Friday 5 April

GB’s next concerts

Concerts 2019


10 – Jam with Sebastien Jarousse at Vasarely in Antony
24 – Quartet Laurent Guanzini “sings Nat King Cole”


12 – Jam with Daniel Beaussier at Vasarely in Antony


14 – Jam with Gilles Relisieux Vasarely in Antony
16 – “Brexit – Pot de départ”  Pee Bee at Vasarely in Antony


5 – Night Bus at Sunside in Paris with Bojan Z & Simon Goubert
6 – In quartet with David Prez in Bourg la Reine
9 – Jam with Olivier Zanot at Vasarely in Antony
20 – Interplay in Bourg la Reine


26 – Concert Coltrane with David Prez, Philippe Soirat in Verrières le Buisson


28  Night Bus (Bojan Z & Simon Goubert) in Bernard Mantienne theatre in Verrieres le Buisson


5 – Trio Laurent Guanzini “sings Nat King Cole”

16 – Spoumj in Clamart

17 – Jam Vasarely Frederic Loiseau


13 Pee Bee “Dolce Vita” Theatre 71 in Malakoff

16 – 17 Night Bus (Bojan Z & Simon Goubert) in national theatre “Les Gemeaux”  in Sceaux

21- Jam Vasarely Sylvain Beuf

Festival “Place au Jazz” in Antony

23 – Quartet with Peter Bernstein

Festival “Place au Jazz” in Antony

30 – Pee Bee “Pee Bee or not to be” festival “Place au Jazz” in Antony


Concerts 2020

Concerts 2018

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Concerts 2017

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Concerts 2016

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Concerts 2015

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Concerts 2014

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Albums available for purchase

Brunt’Off – French Cricket

Brunt'Off - French Cricket

E-mail from Steve Swallow

E-mail from Steve Swallow

Pee Bee – All of Us 13

All of us 13

7 thoughts on “Home

  1. peter herman

    hi gary,
    we’ve never met.
    I live in antony and would like to start learning electric bass.
    figured this involved buying a used bass and finding a professor.

    can you spare me a few minutes (meet at the conservatory or elsewhere) to get me pointed in the right direction?


  2. Russ Spiegel

    Hey Gary!
    Man, how are you? I was just scanning the web and found your webpage here. So cool!
    Nice that you mention “Guitar Hell” – those were the days!
    Lived in NY for a number of years and went back to school & got my doctorate here in Miami
    Hope to see & play with you again one of these days,
    P.S. You can check out some of my latest music here: http://www.soundcloud.com/russ-spiegel

    1. Gary Brunton

      Hey Russ,
      Thanks for the message, i’m fine. You do don’t half get around – you might end up in Cuba!
      All the best, keep in touch

  3. Jonathan Lewis

    Hi Gary,
    Just found your website – hope all’s well, it’s been a long time! Would love to catch up if you have time. JL


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